Hi all, I have been a little preoccupied the last couple of weeks and have not managed to post as much as I would have liked. I have noticed that I really do need to be consistent and keep posting as much as possible because this has slowed my progress, so need to up my game, (consistency is the key to progress).
So today I am updating my progress through the Partnership to Success training, I have lumped week 5 and 6 together as the amount of training was small in both modules: (but still very important)

Week 5 has been about connecting with other partnership 2 success members, achieved through a special widlink “other cool blogs”, that John had created.

Week FiveTasks:

  • Download widlink widget plugin
  • Upload and activate the widlink widget plugin
  • Set up the widlink widget plugin on blog
  • Add my blog to the partnership network to allow display on other members blogs

So if you would like to check out some other members blogs feel free.
This is exactly what John asked us to do, visit other members blogs and read and leave comments, also to sign up for notifications from other members blogs, several reasons: to get ideas for blog posts and to see reciprocating comments on our own posts. Blog posting is a great way of getting new traffic to your blog, try and be as involved as you can when leaving comments, why is it a great post? has it given you good ideas? or has it given you a solution to a problem you have struggled with? Don’t just leave comments eg, this is a great post.
go more in-depth write about what you thought of the post if you agree or disagree but be polite.

Good Tip: If you are one of the first to comment on a new post you will get that all-important backlink to your blog, this is an ongoing process as you keep building your blog.

Week Six Tasks:

  • Set up Social Media Sharing Icons To Allow Post Sharing.
  • Sign Up For Any Social Media Accounts That I Want To Use.
  • Link New Or Existing Social Media Accounts To My Blog.
  • Register with Google Adsense.

Social media is a great way of sending traffic and the best thing it costs you nothing, I am sure you have been on facebook and shared something you like.
this is what the social share plugins do for you, your content could go viral and like I said its free. So this is definitely worth taking a few minutes to set up. There are various plugins for your WordPress site, just search the plugins and read the reviews to make your choice. It’s your choice on whether to set up with your personal account on Facebook, an alternative is to set up a page and link to that, Its a personal preference.

When positioning, I personally think the sharing icons are better placed after your post if your reader has taken the time to read your post, greater is the chance of them sharing, don’t be afraid to ask them to share usually if you ask they will.
Also, its good policy to hit all the share buttons after publishing your own post and also worth revisiting old posts and sharing them again every so often, it costs nothing and you could get potential traffic.

I hope you enjoyed reviewing my progress through week 5 and 6, if you would benefit from Johns coaching Program Partnership to Success Click Here to find out more.

To Your Succes

P.s please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you need help, I will always answer and look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions.
PP.s Enjoyed reading? learnt something?
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    4 replies to "Partnership 2 Success Weeks 5 and 6"

    • David Wakeman

      Hello Adam,

      I’m happy to see you are looking to be more consistent and are plowing thru the training. It’s so easy to put things off, but all you are doing is putting off your success. I know, I speak from experience.

      I agree with you on social media. It’s a great way to get noticed and being free makes it even better.

      Looking forward to seeing how you are progressing.


      • AdamHenderson

        Thanks, David appreciate the input life gets in the way but you have to keep going been reading so good books lately that have helped just
        doing a book review looking forward to posting any day now. some of your posts have been very motivational keep them coming.
        Together we will succeed.

    • Andre Niemand

      Hi Adam, it is true that life gets in the way. Starting out now with phase 2, but also trying to fill in the gaps where ‘being too busy’ has prevented me from completing fully. Consistency will eventually bring success. Onward and upward. Cheers

      • AdamHenderson

        Hi Andre,
        Thanks for taking the time to read my post, hope it was useful.
        I am taking a lead form other p2s members and writing a few posts to schedule release times,
        to free up some more time have just finished week 8 and moving onto phase 2 so need to concentrate my time here.
        To your success

        kind Regards


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