Hi all,
I left school at 16 with a hand full of qualifications, in all the things I enjoyed e.g craft-design, technical drawing and a couple of other subjects science and maths I think.
My Passion was learning how things worked as a child I was always in bother for taking my toys apart to see how they worked, this led me on to my teenage years, and my passion for engines and all things mechanical, this path carried me forward to becoming an apprentice mechanic, I loved this and excelled, by the age of 21 I was fully qualified and also became a ministry of transport tester.

My First Brush With Entrepreneurship

In late 1980s mechanics were not very well paid, so my first brush with entrepreneurship at age 18 was to set up as a mobile DJ this was great fun at the time I got paid well and was enjoying my life.
Fast forward one wife and two beautiful children I was working long hours at the garage this didn’t leave much time for the disk jockeying, we did ok managed to pay the bills and have holidays, but we were always living month to month, I Kept on thinking there must be a way to get in front, the people who I worked for seemed to do ok so I decided to set up my own garage.
This went well for 5yrs but due to circumstances beyond my control and a touch of naivety on my part the garage had to close, this was a blow because of the time and effort that I put in was enormous.

Back To Job

I went from business owner back to the job scene this paid the bills but didn’t really give me what I wanted in life. Now don’t misunderstand I was and have never been greedy I just wanted to provide for my girls who by now were a lot older, so I set about trying to earn extra money whilst still working, multilevel marketing, I did ok but not great for the effort.
Then I got my first computer I spent a lot of time and money chasing different ways to make money online, this is known affectionately as S,O,S shiny object syndrome, I’m sure you have been there product promises to make you money but when getting down to the nuts and bolts they never delivered but yet I was convinced I could make a living online!

So part way through 2009 I came across a
young gentleman called George Brown making lots of money online so I started looking at what he was doing?
he was making lots of small niche sites about different products that were selling online e.g eBay, Amazon etc, mini authority sites with links to the products he was talking about. So I thought I would give this a go and see what happened. I Managed to get some sites built but it took me a while and I didn’t really get much traffic to the sites made the odd sale but not enough to warrant the work. I thought that George must know something I didn’t, he had a product called Google Sniper, after some contemplation, I decided I would invest in his product but this would be the last time no more after this I promised myself.
So the investment was made I followed his teaching and found there was a lot more to it than I had anticipated, But this one delivered, I started to Make Money!!!!!!! after learning about how to set up the sites properly SEO, Backlinks, Key Words etc.
Finally, that was it build more sites make lots of Money Retire to the Bahamas

Finally, that was it build more sites make lots of Money Retire to the Bahamas

So things moved on I made more review sites things were going great still not enough to retire, but I was convinced this was where my future lay I had been right you could make a living online.

The year was 2011 February time I believe But yes you guessed it!!! 
That’s when Google sent out the cute so-called Panda and overnight, my site rankings plummeted like a stone although I tried to rebuild the organic rankings it was near impossible so I did the unthinkable and Quit.
now, this really is not like me.
I went back to what I knew bought and sold some cars this and that but yes there is always a but, something was telling me to get back online unfinished business maybe pride I really don’t know.
A big lesson I learnt from George Brown’s course was that if you followed the teachings of someone who was not a fraud and was successful it was possible to succeed.
I looked at eBay Amazon sold a few bits and pieces so I knew it could be done then I came across a product for sale by Stuart-Turnbull
called Prints Make Profits This was very reasonably priced so I took the plunge and have sold a few prints online and continue to do so.

After reading Stuarts Blog I discovered his story and how he came to make the product  Prints Make Profits with John Thornhills Training and support this was when I discovered:- JohnThornhill and his teachings, and the rest, as they say, is history. Present Day and I am now working through Johns Partnership to success Program with the intention of emulating Stuart and Johns success.
I do have to say it’s going rather well.

Now if you have read this to the end, I know you already have what it takes to have success online you have that in-built desire to learn and succeed.
As a thank you the best thing I can do for you is ask you to:-
click the link below and visit Johns Training program for yourself.


Adam Henderson

John-Thornhill Training Partnership to Success

P.s if you have any questions or comments please get in touch I do reply to everyone.
Please continue to follow my exploits as I continue on my journey through Johns training program. To Your Success