Hello Again, where have those eight weeks gone to.finish-line
I have now completed phase one of the Partnership To Success training, with weeks seven and eight now finished.
As I write this I have a tad of disbelief of how far I have travelled on this journey to-date, and I very much hope you agree my blog looks fantastic. (thank you, John & Randy, for your training)
I have had some great feedback from the posts I have written, this has only inspired me, so thank you to all, who have taken the time to read and comment on my posts, I do appreciate your comments.
So a quick run through of weeks 7and 8 for you this was mainly technical blog stuff about monetizing my blog and giving subscriber value with a free report.

Week Seven Tasks:

  • Add Gooogle Adsense To My Blog.
  • Sign Up For ClickBank and JvZoo Accounts.
  • Request Affiliate Approval For Different Products.
  • How To Add Affiliate Banners To My Blog Via Media Uploads.
  • The Big One, Apply To Promote The Partnership To Success Program.

Google Adsense is a great way of monetizing your site, as you might have noticed I haven’t any Google adds on my site, I might add them at a later date but for now, I am not sure, I think I prefer my site without.

Signing up for ClickBank   and JvZoo is very straight forward just follow the links.
Adding affiliate banners and images is also quite straight forward I will not go into that now, as I have some plans for over the shoulder videos at a later date on how to do this and much more.

Week Eight Tasks:

  • Download Free And Purchased Tasking Software eg. Open Office.
  • How To Brand Free Report For Giving Away.
  • Create An Email Confirmation Page.
  • Add Free Report To WordPress.
  • Create A Download Page For Free Report.
  • Create A New Aweber List.
  • Connect My Blog To New Aweber List.
  •  Add The Optin Form To My Blog.
  • Add New Follow-up Emails To My Auto Responder.

As you can see from my blog I have now completed all these tasks if you would like the free report just pop your details at the top of the page and I will send it to you.
The final thing was to test that everything worked, I can not stress how important!! it is to test everything works.
Again as for week 7, I am going to create some over the shoulder video training, showing you how to do all these things and more.
If there is anything else you would like to see a how-to video on, please drop details in the comment box or contact me on-:

mail logosupport@adam-henderson.com

I am very excited to move on-to phase 2, product creation. I think this is where the hard work starts, but I will continue posting my updates and other topics, I think might help you on your journey. So till next time, be happy and overcome those challenges, Don’t forget if you need help with anything reach out, I love helping people and will always answer.

I hope you enjoyed reviewing my progress through week 7 and 8 if you would benefit from Johns coaching Program Partnership to Success Click Here to find out more.

To Your Succes

P.s please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you need help, I will always answer and look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions.
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