Hello again, Wow!! week 3 how quick has that gone.
Let’s get straight into it. This weeks lesson was about building a mailing list and adding subscribers, I have to admit I was excited listening to the introduction video, the look of the blog has improved so much and I couldn’t wait to get started to enhance the look even further and start reaching a wider audience and share what I am learning.

What I Learnt This Week

  • How To Register With Aweber
  • Create My First Mailing List
  • Confirmation Message Editing, Subscribers Receives On Signup
  • Add Follow up Emails For subscribers, Fixed Time After Signup
  • Create A Signup Form
  • Connect WordPress Theme To Aweber And Test Everthing
  • Add Optin Form To Myt Blog

Ideas For Future posts

As you can see this has been a busy week but interesting, I have learnt new skills, I had an idea to write about each bullet point, but instead, I will make more detailed posts about the above list at a later date and link the list to the new posts this will allow me to give you a more detailed explanation, of how to complete some of the tasks in the list. There are a couple that definitely deserve their own post.
As a quick sideline, I have definitely been on a learning curve using the new WordPress editor, as I am hoping to incorporate some videos in my blog posts, or link to tuition how-to videos that I create. Now I am no expert but I am learning every day, so if you have anything specific, that you would like to know about, please, please let me know in the comments box below and I will do my best to cover these topics.
As you can see, to the right of this post is my new Opt-in box. so please feel free to connect with me by entering your name and Email, Then I will update you as soon as a new post is released, Go on fill in the boxes And click Connect.

To Your Success

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