Hi all, I am sure if you saw my blog when I wrote my first post, you will agree
it has changed a lot, for the better, I hope you agree? I have really enjoyed
this week and the progress I have made I am addicted can’t wait to see what the
future holds I have learnt so much. I have also learnt a few tips and tricks I
will share some specifics in another post soon.

So what has week 2 taught me:-

  • How to create folders to keep everything organized
  • Download new themes & plugins for blog appearance
  • Upload new theme & plugin to my blog
  • Activate & licence theme so it becomes live allowing feature usage
  • Configure all basic settings in the theme
  • Add custom made blog Graphics
  • Create & add an about me/ my story page

You can check out My Story- About Me Page Here

I mentioned in my first post that writing and spelling was one of my
concerns for setting up a blog, but fear not there are lots of tools to help
with this as I have discovered.
soon I will have an opt-in box so you can be updated about future posts and some
I think really good tips so keep an eye out and call back to opt-in.

To your success

Adam Henderson

P.s please feel free to leave a comment or contact me I will always answer and look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions.

    4 replies to "Partnership 2 Success week 2"

    • Anthony

      Hi Adam,

      Like you I am new to the Partnerships to Succcess program. Looking at your blog, and from the way you are sharing what you’ve learned it looks as though you are making fantastic progress. I look forward to seeing what you produce in the coming weeks and months, and I’m sure whatever you decide to do it will be a raging success.

      Please reach out if you feel I can assist you in any way.

      Kind regards

      • Adam Henderson

        Hi Anthony,
        Thanks for taking the time to visit, also for the kind words.
        I am excited about the future, the plan is to work from home full time.
        I would like to return the offer of help… its great to meet like-minded people,
        so keep in touch.
        To Your Success
        Kind regards

    • kevin spence

      Nice work Adam, be sure to keep posting and adding media content and I am sure you will have subscribers clicking you’re opt-inbox very soon.
      Nice to see you new members on the P2S programme.

      Kind Regards,

      Kev Spence.

      • AdamHenderson

        Hi Kevin, Thanks for taking the time out to visit my blog and comment and the sound advice, its good to check out other blogs and get some ideas. especially like what you’re doing with the videos.
        keep up the good work.

        To Your Success

        Kind Regards


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