Hi all, I am sure if you saw my blog when I wrote my first post, you will agree
it has changed a lot, for the better, I hope you agree? I have really enjoyed
this week and the progress I have made I am addicted can’t wait to see what the
future holds I have learnt so much. I have also learnt a few tips and tricks I
will share some specifics in another post soon.

So what has week 2 taught me:-

  • How to create folders to keep everything organized
  • Download new themes & plugins for blog appearance
  • Upload new theme & plugin to my blog
  • Activate & licence theme so it becomes live allowing feature usage
  • Configure all basic settings in the theme
  • Add custom made blog Graphics
  • Create & add an about me/ my story page

You can check out My Story- About Me Page Here

I mentioned in my first post that writing and spelling was one of my
concerns for setting up a blog, but fear not there are lots of tools to help
with this as I have discovered.
soon I will have an opt-in box so you can be updated about future posts and some
I think really good tips so keep an eye out and call back to opt-in.

To your success

Adam Henderson

P.s please feel free to leave a comment or contact me I will always answer and look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions.

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